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As some of my friends already asked me about how to prepare for your first InterRail trip, I decided to write a post about it. Firstly, there are three things I want to mention:

  • Actually, I’m not an European citizen and this post will be written in the perspective of an Asian student who wants to try InterRail to explore Europe during her time staying here. .
  • For sure that there will be a lot of disagreements about it, if you have some, please read the sentence above and replace “an Asian student” by Furu, so yeah, it is just my experience and my opinion ^^~!
  • Some people will say that I just only repeat the information you can easily find on the Internet, but yeah, I just want to gather it for people who need and be interested in it ^^~

So yeah, now, it is time to start :).


Firstly, there are two types of Pass that non-European student can use, named : InterRail Pass and EURaill Pass. Information about those passes can be found in the links below:

Please take into notice that InterRail is for people who have stayed in Europe for more than 6 months and EURail is for the rest. Normally, EURail is much more expensive than InterRail so you can consider when you want to go for an EU-trip. However an EURaill pass normally has a longer valid time ( The Global Pass of EURail can be valid up to 3 months but for InterRail is only 1 month). So my recommendation is if you are degree students and will stay in Europe for more than 6 months, maybe InterRail is for you. On the other hand, if you only come to Europe for a short time like 1 semester as exchange students for example, you should go with EURail ( so you can travel every weekend during your stay in Europe \:D/).

Secondly, it comes to the time to choose which pass you want. Here, I only mention about InterRail as I only have experience in it. There are many kinds of pass with different number of travel days so you should consider about the time you are available for the trip as well as the number of places you want to visit before deciding which pass to buy. Normally, the flexible pass ( the continuous pass) will be more expensive than the pass of traveling some days during a fixed time period. If you can( and like) to plan your trip beforehand, the second choice is excellent but if you just want to get on the train and go any places, just go with the flexible pass.

For buying the pass, the only way is to buy it online via those sites. During the payment process, you will be asked which day you will start your travel so I recommend to put it around 5 days before the actual start date in case some delay happened :)!

And then, you can start to plan your trip \:D/! One website I used to check train timetable is and it is pretty good. The mobile version is also available for Android and iOS I guess so you can install it to use during your travel. However, if you have time and really want to enjoy the time on-the-train, maybe checking from the InterRail map ( which is attached with your pass) and make you own route is also super interesting as well. Personally I prefer this way more \:D/. Traveling is about the journey, not just about the destinations!

What else should I mention here??  At least nothing pops up in my mind right now so yeah, hope my post helps.

Finland is too hot these days and I am so excited because probably I will go to Egypt next month for my internship! Huraaaaa!
However, Egypt, please be nice to me as I heard that the weather is super tough there as well as it is a little bit dangerous for women. Anyway No risk, no fun hah \:D/

As now I am very excited for my new blog so almost everyday I want to write something. The previous post is in Vietnamese so this post I decided to write it in English. Anyway, I know some of my friends could not read Vietnamese for sure :)).

This post is also about my Interrail trip in Christmas holiday 2012 but it is not about any specific place.  I remember that I have read somewhere a very nice saying: It is not about where you travel but about who you travel with. I totally agree with the one who said that but I also want to add more into it, in my case, it is not just about where you travel, who you travel with but it is also about who you meet on the way.

There is one thing I need to mention that before this Interrail trip, I never saw myself as one who can enjoy travelling alone. In my mind, it was just like boring and sometimes lonely to travel alone and it is also very dangerous as well, especially for a girl who is still lack of experience in travelling like me. However, because of those awesome people I will mention here, I changed my mind and now, yeah, why not travelling alone sometimes ;).

1. Dorthe Eklund.

Dorthe is my CS ( CouchSurfing) host in Copenhagen, Denmark. I found her while searching randomly all the available host in Copenhagen and it leads me to her profile. At the time I found her profile, she was new to CS , just joined 2 or 3 days as I remembered. It was also a little bit strange for me to contact her as I thought that I would only contact people who have some references already but at that time, Dorthe has no references at all. Anyway, sometimes, it is just about impression and destiny :)).

We ( I and my friend, Trang) stayed in Dorthe’s flat for two nights. It is a very lovely and cozy flat located quite near the centre of Copenhagen with one bedroom and one big living room. The first thing I saw was two single beds in her living room and I was very curious but I was totally impressed when Dorthe told us that she bought them for CouchSurfers and she planned to let some homeless people stay in her flat in the near future as well.That girl is super sweet and kind.

DSC_0005 DSC_0308

During those two nights, Dorthe even let us to stay in her bedroom and she slept in the living room as she said she liked it. Anyway, it still made me moved.

She helped us a lot in finding places to go, making reservations for our train and even gave me her bus tickets when I couldn’t find mine on the last day I stayed there and we were in hurry for the train coming. She also made breakfast for us, made the traditional Danish “donuts” and shared instant noodles with us. At the end, it was such a nice experience with CouchSurfing and definitely I wanna come back to visit her someday.


2. Mr Atsushi Haruta


I met Mr Atsushi in Lucern, Switzerland when I went to Mount Pilatus alone as my travel mates did not wanna spend money to go there =.=. He is a Japanese business man who went to Europe to attend the Global Manager Annual Meeting of his company as the representative in Japan. He went to Europe one week before that meeting and decided to travel in Switzerland and that’s why we met.

Firstly, I thought he is Chinese ( :)),lol) and I knew that he also went there alone. However, I didn’t talk with him first as I thought he is just normal other travellers and yeah, you cann’t talk with everyone, you know what I mean :PP. And then, he asked me to take a picture for him and then we began talking with each other. As my (positive) stereotype about Japanese, he is very kind and nice and for me, his way of talking is very cute as well. After knowing that I am a oversea student and just try to travel in a budget way :)), he even offered to buy lunch for me in that Mount Pilatus but WTH, I know that it is super expensive so I refused and we just drank coffee there.

After getting off of Mount Pilatus, we spent the whole afternoon to go around Lucern with each other. After I told him that I would go to Zurich in the evening, he also decided to take the same train and stay in the 2nd class with us, not the first class as he normally does :)).

When we said goodbye, he gave me his business card and asked to contact him but until now, yeah, my laziness still prevent me from contacting them =.=. How bad I am.

I don’t have any photo with Mr Atsushi, and here is just the picture of me he took.


Still there are a lot of other wonderful people I met on the way of maybe I will talk about them in the next posts as I dont want to keep the post too long like my first post.

Anyway, the weather in Finland these days is so nice as it is sunny and so warm so thanks to that, my mood is also super good \:D/! Today I just started my morning jogging and also made several “dates” with my friend tomorrow and next week, I am so excited!