Who is Furu??



Most of the people who know and visit this blog are my Facebook friends so probably you guys know me already :)).

However, if you, by any chance, visit this site without knowing who I am, here is some basic information about the owner of this brand new blog :).
My name is Linh Luong, but on the Internet, known as Furu Luong.

I am a Vietnamese girl – absolutely “Vietnamese” :P.

But now, I am not in Vietnam, I am studying abroad at this moment and I am on my journey to discover the world.

I have a big passion for travelling and exploring new cultures, meeting new people.

I also love eating and cooking.

I love talking but sometimes, I can also be extremely quiet.

This blog is my personal blog and I will use this as my open – diary to write down things I want to remember, the things I am passionate about or interested about.

This is not a travelling blog, not a cooking blog, not a photopgraphy blog or fashion blog but it will be a mix of them because I love them all and I will write anything depends on my mood and my interest.

So yeah, that’s all. Nice to see you here.

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